Albatros Restaurant inside

Our restaurant is located in an uniquely scenic area, near a picturesque promenade by the Netta River, at Mostowa Street, in Augustów. Its fabulous landscape owes much to Augustów’s Primeval Forest and surrounding lakes, especially: Sajno, Necko, Białe, Rospuda, and Studzieniczne.

The best-known and most frequently visited restaurant in Augustów is "Albatros" Restaurant.

We organise wedding parties, banquets, dances, discos and celebrations. We guarantee the highest standard of individual and group meals or catering.

Our customers are of primary importance and they are always attracted by our professional service and exclusive, air-conditioned interior. Our MENU is awesome, and is our greatest asset.

A lot of our dishes received awards in various all-Polish food competitions. Especially "Leśny zawijaniec" (pork, mushrooms with herbs, flour, eggs, cheese) is recommended, as it is a typical regional dish and got a tourist LOGO POLSKA. Also "Pike sauté", "Tench in cream" and "Pikeperch with poppy and rowan-berry" are very popular among our customers.

Our big achievement is the first place prize in the "Regional Secret of Taste" competition during the trade fair in the Hotel Mikołajki 2009 with a dish "Stuffed eel".

"Albatros" is famous for having a unique chocolate fountain, which is especially popular at various parties. Our guests are always in awe to see that.

Live bands every Friday.

Come and enjoy your time with us!

...Seven girls, but you’re the one...

When many years ago, in 1965 Janusz Laskowski, a famous Polish singer, was spending his holidays in Augustów, he met a girl called Beata and fell in love with her. He wrote a song "Beata z Albatrosa" (Beatrice from Albatros) which is known and associated with the "Albatros" restaurant by everyone in Poland. It has been sung throughout all these years. Local people tend to call this song "a regional anthem".

Undoubtedly "Albatros" draws crowds of those who are in love or are still looking for a real love.

Click here if you want to listen to "Beata z Albatrosa"