Albatros Restaurant - wedding parties

We dream our wedding day to be special and unforgetful. So we should do everything to spend it with splendor and be happy.
We can help you organise such a brilliant wedding party.

Newly-weds are welcomed with bread and salt by their parents in front of the restaurant. There is a custom for the groom to carry the bride through the front door. It foretells an easy life for the bride. When they enter the local they are greeted by their guests singing a song and wishing them all the best for their whole life together. Everybody drinks champagne and the newly-married couple must throw their glasses behind them. If the glasses are broken it means they are going to have a happy married life.

Then it is the time for the first dance and it is the young couple who starts the dance. They cannot mix up the steps of the dance as it would foretell problems in their future life together.

We have great experience in preparing wedding parties as we have been doing it for over 30 years. And it often happens that those who once came here come back to celebrate their wedding anniversaries. It really makes us happy.

We are able to prepare wedding parties for 160 people (in case of catering preferences, there is no limit for the number of people). Our service is professional, we adjust to customers’ preferences and are open to take new culinary challenges. We try to serve dishes in various order to make tastes interesting and pleasant.

A typical Polish wedding menu consists of four hot meal sets. We put cold snacks like home-prepared meat too. Also, we don’t forget about fish, vegetable and fruit salads and of course hot and cold drinks.

If you want something special, we can prepare a typical "cottage table with regional food", "a smoked hog" and "chocolate fountain".

We will do our best to satisfy our customer and make your wedding party unforgettable.

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This is a sample schedule of a typical wedding party at our Restaurant (including polish customs):

wedding parties in Albatros
  • Guests arrival to the Restaurant and waiting for a newly-married couple
  • A newly-married couple arrival
  • Welcome with bread and salt by a newly-married couple’s parents
  • Traditional throwing the glasses by newly-married
  • Carrying the bride through the front door by the groom
  • Guests’ raising glasses to a newly-married couple
  • Serving the first hot dish
  • A newly-married couple’s first dance
  • A newly-married couple’s daily photo session
  • Serving the second hot dish
  • Serving the third hot dish
  • A newly-married couple’s night photo session
  • Serving the fourth hot dish
  • Traditional midnight wedding games
  • Sharing a wedding cake